Services and Booking

Spiritual Mentorship, Intuitive Guidance And Shamanic Healing Sessions


With a primary focus on deep healing and transformation, Intuitive Guidance Sessions utilize the visual elements of the ancient Tarot and Pia's own intuitive knowledge of Shamanic Energy Medicine to provide clear direction and clarity for your life journey.

Pia also offers private Shamanic Healing Sessions as well as group Shamanic Embodiment Workshops intended to help clients physically locate and remove trauma from their body and energetic field.
**Each session is personalized and uniquely tailored to fit the needs of each individual during their healing process.

Private Healing Sessions May Include:

Hands On Healing
Guided Journey
Physical Movement (Modified to fit varying physical fitness levels)
Soul Retrieval
Past Life Regression
Clearing And Balancing Of Energetic Centers
Belief Tracking


$500.00 An Evening Of Group Shamanic
Embodiment with Pia

$120.00 Full Hour Shamanic Healing Session

$60.00 1/2 Hour Intuitive Guidance Session


After purchasing your session below, you will receive a personalized email for scheduling a Skype or In-Person session. For those looking to schedule an In-Person session with a cash payment, payment will be due upon arrival at the first session. If not booking online, please send email to to set up an appointment.
Cash, Credit and Debit Cards Accepted.

*Sessions are offered both In-person and via Skype (for those not located in New England)

*All in-person sessions will be held at Pia's private office location in Portland, ME.

Workshops, Retreats and Hosting Pia

 Pia is available as a hosted workshop facilitator, presenter and performer for Wellness/Creative Healing Arts Events and Festivals, as well as Women's Empowerment Retreats, Transformational Workshop Weekends and Shamanic Movement Group Sessions

*All Inquiries Must Be Sent To: