Psychic Insights; Six Of Cups


Many Blessings on this Glorious Solstice! 

Feel it out there? Magic. Transformation.

Here is your card to contemplate from the office of the #littleitalianwitch;

Six Of Cups.

As the sun is the highest in our sky (in the northern hemisphere) we are asked during this highly creative time how we will create something brand new that isn't just a repeat of the past.

Nostalgia, memories from your past and revisiting the things from childhood that make you feel innocently safe; this card is a looking backward into what once was to contemplate, re-evaluate and get the feels from the past.

How do we use this information from past experience? Experiences happened and all experiences hold value for life direction.

I feel there are many ways to work with past energies, two of which jump out to me greatly; letting yourself be beholden to past experience, living as if it is your current reality and constantly going backward to get that 'feel good' sensation within the mind and body, distracting you from the reality of now (living in the past), or alternatively, gently dipping back into past experience to reflect on the lessons and knowledge gained from those experiences to be used to impact your current state and future decisions. One is escape into the naivety of past ease, a distraction from making new decisions and new actions, the other is more proactive force, using the information to create action in a forward motion so you create newness that is void of the same snags of past situations. 

A stroll down memory lane is a wonderfully fun adventure; remember to keep it light. Attachment to past (as well as future) keeps us distracted from the reality of our present moment. Remember, living in the Past and constantly striving towards Future won't get you to Now.

The human mind is a tricky place. That innocent "feel good" sensation about the past can in itself be just a feeling of familiarity; we can essentially be reliving a hard, or painful situation, yet it feels good to us because even though it's hard on our emotions, it feels good because it's familiar. Our brains get levity from familiar things even if they hurt, which is why we as humans tend to be drawn to the same types of situations over and over again in our lives- often times, we do this subconsciously.

As we move forward in the most fertile, creatively abundant time of year, this gorgeous Solstice, remember to use this information from past experience to help manifest a reality that you've been dreaming of; learning from and letting go of past decisions that are not aligned with your dreams. 


All of my love,