Intuitive Insights; Queen Of Pentacles

Here's your card to contemplate from the office of the #littleitalianwitch ;

Queen Of Pentacles 

Today I have enlisted the beautiful wisdom of my Erotiques deck to enlighten us on this beautiful summer day.

Feelin' the vibrational tension between eclipses? I see this Queen as being a symbol of choice in belief and action during this time. Regardless of what is occurring currently in and around your life, your perspective, thought process and ability to engage in self reflection is the key to transforming what you don't desire into what you most want to cultivate. I love this Queen. I love to focus in on her thoughts, actions and perspective on life- how would my life be different right here and now if I adopted this archetypal perspective for just a moment? 

Quoting an earlier Intuitive Insights post;

"This Queen is fruitfully abundant, wise, independent and motherly. She is loving, supportive, balanced and nurturing to both family and friends. She is financially savvy and wields abundance with a practical energy. She represents a balance of wit, work, family and finances with direct investment in time for herself, self-love and self nurturing."

I don't know about you, but I'd like a big helping of that every morning.

As intuitive and powerfully intelligent human beings, we have a connection to all feelings, all perspectives and outlooks within ourselves already- it's in there. We are every perspective, we have the capacity to experience every feeling known to the physical and emotional body. Where we choose to go from this knowledge of all perspectives is where our story of 'who we think we are' (from what we know about ourselves from our past) drives us. However, we have a choice in where we go in our thought process if we focus on who we are right now- not who we were and how we have acted in past situations. It's a shock, it truly is.. but we are a completely different being from moment to moment. Why not try on a new perspective/reaction for size and if you aren't completely  satisfied with it (take close notice to your happiness levels, your body and how it physically feels) then the next moment, you get to try something brand new. 

For just a moment, in whatever experience or situation you find yourself in, whatever gender or age or physical location... 

Try to feel, think, act, react and experience all of life as a Queen.